The Mist Yunnan

October 12 2011
Coming back from my graduation trip for a week.
Here are some of the photo taken during the trip in Yunnan.
What a mystery scenery.

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My recent Chinese painting

July 24 2011
This is my recent practice of my Chinese painting. 

Chinese Typography - 構

December 06 2010

This is another exercise for designing a art magazine.

front cover

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Professional Practice

December 03 2010

Another way to present my works.

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Chinese Typography - 文

November 12 2010

I chose one of the chapter of "The dream of red chamber" / 紅樓夢 for my editorial design. It aims at learning the fundamental technique in Chinese editorial design by making a clean layout.

size: 13x18.5
pages: 5
black and white

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Chinese Typography - 字

September 17 2010

This week we learn how to make a bitmap type, from 9x9 to 24x24. We got lots of fun on making Chinese type. Since there is limitation on make bitmap, we still have lots of imagination on a square.

Check out the high possibilities in just a square.
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Chinese Type Design

September 16 2010

This is one of my design works in having a summer intern in Wang Yue Fei Design company in Shenzhen.

By using a simple graphical elements to make the name of my colleague.